a different kind of awning.



SUNDESIGN -  a mobile canopy possibility with sunprotection or rainprotection. Per push of a button you can sit in the sun or shade, in the rain or dry.

 – mountable without foundation

 – easy to install and uninstall

 – up to 10 x 20 m,  can therefore also cover large areas, like a Biergarten, The legs of the frame are on the outside – no interfering frame in the

                         entertainment area.

SUNDESIGN – will always be made individually for each customer at no extra change.

 – windproof, can handle high wind velocity and is equipped with  a windsensor for your protection.

SUNDESIGN –  frost resistant.

 – self cleaning

 – has al long lifespan because it is made with high quality materials, Stainless steel and Soltis, made by Ferrari.

 -  available with different executions of side pieces and heating possibilities.

SUNDESIGN - available in 50 different colors and also with your Advertisement/Company Logo

 – 5Year Warranty



SUNDESIGN – a different kind of awning!




  •  Mobile, electrical roofing possibility, roof to open and close,
  •  Easy assembly and disassembly, at any time again dismantlable
  •  SUNDESIGN - no foundation necessarily – No anchorage necessarily
  •  On roof terrace, terrace ore balconies mountable without damage „the sealing “.
  •  Small dead weight
  •  Individually for each customer manufactured, after the inquiries
  •  Weatherproof materials, sun protection or rain protection
  •  Frost and UV steadily, disassembly in the winter not necessarily
  •  Covering is self-cleaning
  •  With side parts available, as Rollo, Deco or „tent “- curtain, also later addable
  •  Heating system integrable, at any time expandable
  •  With light and audio system available or expandable
  •  Wind guard inclusive






Framework: Stainless-Steal


Stainless – Steel rust free is a comprehensive term for rustproof steel, these have a clearly improved corrosion resistance opposite unalloyed steel up


Above all high-grade steel is absolutely washed and wear and the elements created from it almost maintenance-free. High-grade steel is insensitive - in each regard.


Because high-grade steel is absolutely solid and stainless. The material makes a valuable impression also optical






Why does high-grade steel have to be pickled?


The high-grade steels owe their corrosion resistance of a microscopically thin oxydischen protective layer, to the so-called passive layer. A condition for the education of an error free and effective passive layer is a clean, metallically pure surface. Purpose of pickling is it, impurities and surface disturbances, which prevent the training of a perfect passive layer to eliminate.












Glass balls with high pressure are blown on the piece of metal. Thus dirt and rust are removed and it develops a pure, even-moderately matte surface. Thereby is the worked on surface less dirt-susceptibly and easier to clean.


v  ELECTRICAL FOREMEN of stainless – steel


By means of electrical foremen shining and smooth surfaces on metallic surfaces can be produced. Electrical polished surfaces prove an extremely aesthetic radiant remittance, those part optically strongly revaluations. Thus the material high-grade steel receives highest metallic purity and corrosion resistance. It can be cleaned easily and has a small product adhering and/or reduced surface formation due to Lotoseffekt. Thies surface meets highest claims of quality.






The products of the company Serge Ferrari are high speed fabrics. They offer at the same time effective thermic protection and a natural beam of light. The fabric gets over heat even glowing, wind, rain, hail, frost etc. intact. Even with different climate conditions they maintain their suppleness and mechanical characteristics. Both are tear firmly without additional reinforcement, i.e. they resist without problems wind and weather. Due to their by polyester threads fabric possess they strengthened an unusual high resistance in relation to wind and customs tension.


Serge Ferrari Products, retains its form and remains taut: these fabrics do not suffer deformations, since they are approximately forgiven pre-treated both in chain and in firing direction. They hold easily temperatures of 30' C to +70C stood. They are suitable in all sizes and owing to your high surface stability particularly large constructions a name made them.


 Dirt and time do not leave traces! Owing to the high-quality polymers, which are used for the production of SOLTIS, an optimal colorfastness is reached.

The SOLTIS outer skin is smooth and the air pollution can´t adhere. For the care of the SOLTIS fabrics washing off with water under additive of a neutral cleaning agent are enough.

5 years warranty


Fabrice is certified ISO 900l.




v  Rope: LIROS

v  Small articles: completely made of high-grade steel



Production and initial assembly in workshop SUNDESIGN - Offenhäußer, 74549 Wolpertshausen - Germany

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